Deal Memo – KOBA Insurance (August 2021)

KOBA Insurance is a startup providing tech-enabled pay-per-km motor insurance in Australia. It is targeting the motor insurance market for less frequent drivers i.e. FIFO workers, people with work from home arrangement etc. According to KOBA Insurance, drivers travelling less than 7000km per year could save up to 25% on existing fixed comprehensive car insurance if they use its product. Instead of using the existing pay-as-you-go model in the market, KOBA Insurance is using a tech-enabled solution to provide a true seamless pay-per-km motor insurance experience. It is currently in the beta testing phase, and expected to do a public launch in October 2021. The current crowdfunded capital will be used to fund the “Product Fit” phase where it aims to acquire its first 1,200 customers for an annual recurring revenue of $1,000,000. The phase will also be used to prove its business model and insurance thesis.More

Deal Memo – Medibis (August 2021)

Medibis is a startup developing a vertically integrated medical cannabis business. It is based in Toowoomba, QLD. It aims to cultivate cannabis, research and manufacture medical-grade cannabinoid products and distribute its products both locally and internationally. The startup is currently seeking seed funding to fund its Phase 1 business plan of bringing their oil-based medical cannabis products to the market. Their products will be sourced from BOL Pharma based in Israel (from Sep-21) and distributed through Aspec, which is their 4PL partner.More

Deal Memo – MediKane (July 2021)

MediKane develops, produces and distributes dietary supplement products to the global market. Its core products use Australian grown cane as the main ingredient to formulate medicinal supplements that improve gut health. One of their core products which target diabetic patients is also able to reduce blood sugar level (BSL) in the body over time and improve insulin sensitivity, which means less insulin is required. They are based in Sydney and has establish distribution through local pharmacies. However, they are aiming to expand to NZ and China, where a distributor has been appointed and also to the US where a country manager has been appointed to launch into the market.More

Deal Memo – Boxabl (July 2021)

Boxabl is a mass production building system developer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They design modular units that is constructed in a manufacturing facility, folded and transported on a standard truck to a site for final assembly. Their first product is a 375 ft module known as the Casita which can folds up to a shippable dimension and unfolds to a complete house upon arrival on site. The product is targeted at the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) market which is growing rapidly in the US, especially in California.More

Deal Memo – Eden Towers (July 2021)

Eden Towers is a vegetable producer specializing in leafy greens and herbs using commercial vertical farm technology in Australia. It does not build vertical farming technology in-house, but access an established technology through a partnership with Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) which is based in Edinburgh, UK. It plans to build commercial vertical farms capable of supplying >60 tons per annum across all major capital cities in Australia, starting from Perth.More

Deal Memo – QPay (June 2021)

QPay is a student engagement management SaaS provider based in Sydney, Australia. It markets itself as a ” Automated AI-powered financial literacy for students” but at its current state, it mainly creates products / services to support universities in managing student engagements i.e. student unions, clubs / societies and university merchants. It is currently raising funds through equity crowdfunding to support its growth plans.More

Deal Memo – Unhedged (June 2021)

Unhedged is building a managed fund product for retail investors. The product solves similar problem that Spaceship, Raiz and Commsec Pocket is trying to solve, which is to automate investing by providing a managed fund solution for retail investors. However, the key differentiation that Unhedged is providing here is that it provides trading algorithms for users to develop their own investment portfolio. Read more as we break down the business and its latest crowdfunding campaign.More